Patient Testimonials

"I would like to thank Dr. Rowan for everything he has done for me and my smile." -Annabelle S.

"I most liked coming in, feeling welcome, and knowing the team was like family." -Kelsey

"Due to my experience here, I now want to be an orthodontist." -Mariah M.

"Everyone always has a smile on their face and the staff were always polite.  No one was afraid to tell me what I should improve on to get my smile to it's best.  Thank you Dr. Rowan for making sure my smile is perfect!" -Taylor Y.

"Special thanks to Jill, Kayla & Dr. Rowan for knowing what was best for the end result.  I am very pleased and grateful for the entire team who made my smile better than I imagined!!!" -Chelsea S.

"Thank you Jill, Kayla and Kendra. Dr. Rowan is the Man!" - Anonymous

"Thank you for my beautiful smile. I could never thank all of you enough!" - Mason P.

"I always felt very involved with my appointments. I really loved getting to know Jill. I always could relate and talk to her. We always had a great time." - Cara S.

"Jill and Kayla were such fun, kind-hearted people to visit with. I trusted them fully and enjoyed spending time with them at every appointment! Dr. Rowan genuinely cared about my treatment and progress too! I anticipated perfect teeth (literally) the entire length of my treatment and I could not be happier with the result! I smile SO much and I've already gotten so many compliments! THANK YOU!" - Piper S.

"Dr. Rowan and Jill made treatment fun; we had some pretty funny moments in the chair! Dr. Rowan always asked me how I was doing. I love the results of my straight teeth!" - Kyle H.

"Today we started the retainer portion of our extended time with you during Madison's braces. We were here a couple times before with her sister Makenzie. We have always had a great experience. The same staff -- Jill is that constant we see and she knows all people and works well with all and even though she is "cool", she is another "mom" type feature backing what we say at home. Madison appreciated the calls, texts, postcards -- just the extra "care" and push to do her best and that someone besides her parents also "cared". I love how the appointments were always on time and the passes to school, the scheduling help, the appointment at the end with the extra lecture again that supports what we parents do. Dr. Rowan, you have a good thing with yourself, but you are backed by an awesome staff. Thanks for all you do for the "complete package deal". We always refer your office." - Shelly and Joe S.

"Everyone was really nice. Dr. Rowan knows what he's doing! Everyone helped me through the bad and good times. Nothing could have made my experience better. It was beautifully perfect! Love all y'all! Gonna be extremely sad leaving." - Kaycee S.

"I appreciated all of the staff because they were nice and didn't make it as painful as my friends said!" - Devin K.

"Everyone was very special. Thanks to all. I feel very blessed to have come to this office for the help I needed!" - Dorothy E.

"I love my pretty new smile and I liked the convenience of the Eldon appointments." - Anonymous

"Thank you to Kayla, Dr. Rowan and Jill for accommodating me while pregnant!" - Anonymous